Christmas & New year party 2017 nail designs


Even if you have some kind of stunning dress, gorgeous hair, perfect makeup, the image still never be complete if you do not have a beautifully executed manicure. New Year’s manicure is a great opportunity to bring to mind all the surrounding men.The Nails on the new 2017 must be selected carefully and thoughtfully, taking into account all the details of the image: hair color, make-up, dress, shoes, and accessories.

According to the Eastern calendar after the Monkey takes over the reins bright, emotional and communicative Fiery Cock. Pre-holiday preparations include not only the list of dishes and clothes, it is very important to look perfect. An integral part of new year’s image is a beautiful Christmas design nail 2017.

Before choosing a design for a Christmas manicure, you need to decide on the theme. For the brave beauties who are not afraid of experiments, suitable extravagant manicure. The color of the future ruler of the year will be red. It’s unique, beautiful, and sexy color! This color is a favorite of many fashionistas. Bright manicure can be worn not only in the new year’s eve, but for all 365 days.

Gallery of Christmas & New year party 2017 nail designs

admin November 29, 2016
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