Christmas party 2016 nail designs

Elegant christmas nails

What fingernails design to choose, that is the question which becomes extremely actual for woman and especially for teenage girls on the 2016 Christmas eve. Common and everyday option usually aren’t considered for such event. Fortunately, the sphere of nail design can offer ladies the mass of ideas for a Christmas nails decoration.

Before you decide the variant of nails’ decoration, it is necessary to remember the main rule what is «the Christmas design of 2016 has to be combined with a dress color and style». For example, if you plan to put on a black dress with red details, it is better the same colors to serve the reflection in design of your nails.

As for manicure for New year then will be ideally suited:

  • varnishes of bright colors;
  • spangles and pastes;
  • art paintings;
  • molding on the nails;
  • french manicure.

Many women will meet this holidays in the dresses executed in orange, red, golden shades, after all such colors are loved by a symbol of the next 2016 year – the fire monkey. Together with thirst for bright things the symbol of 2016 has a kind feeling also to all natural. Therefore natural shades, and also classical white and black too will be suitable for a meeting of New year or Christmas. All these colors can be chosen also for festive manicure.

Decoration of nails for Christmas party.

The spangles, pastes of warm shades, the shining stickers flickering and the sparkling varnishes – all this without any fear can be used for design of nails. Doing so you can also please the symbol of 2016, and you will emphasize the atmosphere of a holiday which assumes use of all sparkling and brilliant.

It is possible to indulge oneself and to make the design of nails for Christmas party by hands with the means of molding. It is very interesting type of design allowing to create volume patterns. It is also amazing to see so-called “liquid stones” look on your nails. This equipment imitates jewels on fingernails and thanks to the manicure the design looks magnificently. But take it in mind that without the assistance of a master it would be difficult to manage here. But you can be sure the result will please you.

Gallery of Christmas party 2016 nail designs

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