Do you want to paint your nails beautiful?

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Along with the stress of hair styles, make-up and clothes, taking care of your nails also helps a lot to add beauty to your personally. To put it another way, healthy, and well-manicured nails are an integral part of cleanliness and beauty. In fact, your nails work as a valuable asset during social and business encounters.

Following, are some great ways you can add art to your nails. Painting your nails means making your nails beautiful and pretty. Do you really want to make your nails beautiful? If you do, then follow the given steps to paint your nails.

Collect the materials

Before painting or filling your nails, you will need to gather following supplies. Having the right thing at the right time, helps to make the process go smoothly. Here is what you need:

  • Clear base coat
  • Nail polish
  • Clear top coat
  • Cotton swabs


Apply the base coat to your nails

Before any polish is applied to the nails, applying a basecoat to your nails will clear polish. Moreover, the hardener that protects the nail is removed. This will ensure that the manicure lasts longer. Dry the base coat completely so that it is easier for the colorful polish to stick.

Apply nail polish

Shake the nail polish bottle well for a few seconds to warm it up and mix the polish. To paint your nails evenly, start with a vertical stripe down the center of the nail then a stripe on either side. Allow the polish to dry completely. Don’t allow polish to spill out. If spilled, wipe away with the cotton swab.

Apply second coat of polish

As soon as the first coat is dry, apply a second coat in the same manner. Again, let the second coat dry fully. This will make the color look rich and even.

Apply clear top coat

The top coat is essential to add beauty. This allows several extra days before chipping. It seals the polish and adds a little extra shine. Once the top coat is dry, the manicure is complete.

Consider fun designs

Using various fun designs can eliminate the boredom of the same normal painting. Keep it simple and create mini works of art using extra colors to paint designs. You can do a French manicure or create marble effects, paint a flower and many other designs.

В The tips given above are cost effective guidelines that will help to paint your nails in an efficient way and contribute to your overall beauty. See the difference in your nails and beauty before and after following the given advice. You will definitely want to repeat the tips since they will make you and your nails beautiful. The greatest misfortune is that people, both male and female fall in the trap of going to salons for their nails. As a result, loss of time and labor occurs.

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