Ten quick tips to beautify your nails

Really beautiful nails

Just as everyone wants a great new haircut or beautiful skin, healthy and well-manicured nails are also an integral part of beauty. Giving your nails some nice makeover can take you from boring to gorgeous within a short time. At the top of any beauty tip list, cleanliness and maintenance must be in the number one position. In order to beautify anything including nails, hygiene and neatness are a must.

If you still guesson В how to beautify your nails right now then here are some useful guidelines:

1.В В В  Moisturize your nails

When you use hand lotion, rub the lotion into your fingernails and cuticles too.В  Before applying any lotion, wash your hands properly. This cleanses moisturizes nails.

2.В В В  Use rubber gloves

Never wash dishes or clean your home without wearing rubber gloves. The chemicals you use for cleaning are too strong and can damage nails and hands. They will also make your nails fragile.

3.В В В  Cuticle removing

Instead of removing cuticles, apply cuticle remover gel or cream and gently push cuticles with a cuticle stick.

4.В В В  Filing and polishing

Do not polish your nails more than once a month. If you use polish too often, it makes your nails thinner and weaker. Always use high-quality nail polishes.

5.В В В  Use nails properly

Do not use your nails as a tool such as opening cans. Don’t bite your nails or remove the cuticles.

6.В В В  Remove old nail polish

Many times, non-removal of old nail polishes make your nails look dirty. The old clinging polish must be taken off to start a fresh polish again. Don’t use acetone nail polish remover as it may damage nails.

7.В В В  Arrange things

Make sure that you have everything that is essential to care your nails in the right place. The most important things include nail trimmers, nail file, polish remover, cotton balls, buffer, cuticle creams, hand lotion and so on.

8.В В В  Soak the nails

Soaking the nails softens them making them easier to trim. Soak for about five minutes in warm water and dry them with a towel.

9.В В В  Trim properly

Don’t keep nails too long or too short. You can make a square or round shape as you desire. Always leave a white crescent on each nail. This extra length makes nail pretty and protects the nail beds.

10.В В В  Buff your nails

The rough side of nail buffers is to be used by gently running it across the nail surface in one direction. Repeat the processes of buffing. This helps to create a smooth and

shiny surface.

В These guidelines will help you to beautify your nails. Try them once and see the vast difference in the condition of your nails. You will be amazed to see how elegant and beautiful your nails become; then notice the contribution of your nails to your beauty.

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